Quick Check in…

Gah! I made the rookie mistake of changing the formatting words from “_example_” to bolds and italics! I realised this over halfway through the manuscript. I’m hoping that I can use some sort of undo on them.

As you can tell, I’m continuing to edit the novel, “Who Would Destroy the Gods”. It’s going a lot slower than I would like but this is the first book and I have a lot to learn about formatting and editing a literary book, they are so much more different than comics!

2 thoughts on “Quick Check in…”

  1. Remembering Patches sitting on my “pizza-box” computer keeping warm and watching me edit/delete text. I had just highlighted a text to edit when she reached down a paw, hit the “delete” key and then a quick jump to the floor. I was a newbie and didn’t know I could undo the delete…

  2. I’m really rootin’ for ya! Those themes about tricksters and gods so resonate now that Trump is on the scene…

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