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Railroad Rising: The Black Powder Rebellion
The Saga of Haram
The Search for the Unicorns
Talisman of the Winds
The Guardian of the Sword
The Maid of the Westermoor
The Crystal Crown
The Wanderpeople
Plague Wizards book cover
3d book display image of The Crystal Crown: A Chronicles of Avantir Short Story

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To speak of Ardan the Grim is to speak of many things. One must tell of how he was the last in a line of men who had stood for far Tharid. A line descended from Ardan the Fair, who left Asbaln that there should be no quarrels with his brother, Randell of Avantir. Both of them being sons of the famous Guardian of the Sword of Avantir, Rorick. Wyrta the seer spoke to him in these words: "In the twentieth year, on spring's first day, seek a path to the West away. Go to the land of the Silver Hair, for thy fate does await thee there." Years after Rorick and Conel rode forth to free the land of Asbaln from the barbaric tribes, comes one man who will ride forth to save the kingdom and he will wear... The Crystal Crown.

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