How Wizards of the Coast Saved Our Tabletop Game

It was January and everyone was reasonably recovered from the holiday season. It was time to get back to routine. Part of this routine was picking up the D&D game. We’d been playing for a year now and we’d gotten our characters to level 10. We were seasoned.

But we were also beginning to experience what happens to many games after a while. Some of us had shiny new games that they wanted to play in. Some of us were also getting bored with the same old grind.

We were going to gather to see if we wanted to continue on with this campaign, start a new campaign or retire the game entirely. But then, right before we were set to meet up, the OGL 1.1 was leaked.

Everyone was in a tizzy. But most of us were disillusioned. Hmmm disillusioned would imply that we weren’t cynical to begin with. We were. We also knew that what they were proposing was not only illegal and in violation of many copyright laws, but that they would likely do what they could to try to get it signed by creators anyway. Needless to say, subscriptions were cancelled. We had to figure out what we were going to do next.

Our DM met with us and went over the OGL and what it meant to our game, then we tried to figure out what to do next.

I’d like to say that it took a long time but it was quickly decided that we would start a Pathfinder Game instead. Soon we were looking up online supports for Pathfinder and downloading apps. You could feel the thrill and excitement as we began pouring over manuals and figuring out who our characters were going to be. Considering that none of us had played the newest edition of Pathfinder, it was like learning a new game, which spurred us on.

All I know quite frankly, is that our game is now fresh and new, something that wouldn’t have happened if not for Wizards of the Coast. So, while there were definitely a lot of negatives about what happened, I can say that we got a fresh new game out of it. So thanks Wizards of the Coast for saving our game.

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  1. LilaJean

    I’m reminded of a cartoon about the multi-sided dice landing in the middle of a D&D setting…

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