The Editorial Process

They say that an editor doesn’t have to be a writer. I would say that is sort of true to a point. But it really depends on what type of editing you’re performing. For your basic, in depth proofreader/grammar checker I would say, as long as you understand the basics, you can get by.

For doing what I’m doing? As I look over my dad’s book, I try to imagine what he was thinking when he was writing this. What was he trying to convey? With that mindset, I will be looking over what his editor has asked to be revised and respond how I think he’d have wanted to respond.

Luckily, I have known my dad my whole life and therefore I like to think that I knew him pretty well.

2 thoughts on “The Editorial Process”

  1. I’m one step behind editing–just scanned and proofed JPW’s 200+ page book from 1988–To Ride a Tiger, aka Journey Through Vakkeyn. Will appear on HotPink_16, the thumbdrive.
    Hopefully I can do the same for Search for the Unicorns, ca. 1987. This has not yet been completely scanned, contrary to previous rumours/insinuations.

    1. Thank you! This will all be terrific! I also have OCR software which should help with transcribing.

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