Dear Dad,

Guess what? You were right and they were wrong. People do want to read more stories like Lord of the Rings.

The world that you began building back when you were a paratrooper in Manitoba back in the 60’s, not only do people want to read about Conel and Rorick’s adventures as they quote poems back and forth between them, they are excited to read them.

They want to read that world you created and we can give it to them.

I will give it to them. All of your hard work was worth it.

Why do so many old names end in -ric?

Anyone who has read much fantasy has likely encountered someone whose name ends in ‘ric’ (sometimes Anglicised to rick or rich or even riche). I doubt many people thought much about the name other than the fact that it was a cool sounding fantasy name. But I recently found out that there is a meaning behind the suffix (suffix being an ending letter or letters that is added to a word to modify it).

I was listening to The History of Barbarians podcast when he mentioned that the suffix ‘ric’ actually means king. So I decided to take a look at that more closely and this is what I found.

The suffix ‘ric’ is believed to have derived from the Proto-Germanic word rīkiją meaning rich or powerful.

The current meaning refers to jurisdiction, or a district over which government is exercised. Such as bishopric or archbishopric, but also used in words such as atmospheric and numeric.

Just a little something to think about the next time you hear about the barometric pressure dropping!

Coming April 30th!

The book cover for The Guardian of the Sword. A heraldic symbol of an upraised sword, the symbol of Avantir.
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Avantir is on its last legs. The Hygerians are about to take the barony. Rorick’s father entrusts him with the Sword which must not be named. It is a sword of immense power, which is awaiting its new master. Rorick flees the castle and begins to search for Prince Conel who was hidden in the hills during the unrest. Together they will join forces to save the kingdom!

Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2022.
I am planning on ramping up the printing of my Dad’s novels as I get more comfortable with the editing process. I don’t want to list all of the books as I have to see which ones will be ready first, but I can say that I will be starting off with a book that is especially close to my heart, Guardian of the Sword. For those who are subscribed to my newsletter, there is a link to download a short story called the Crystal Crown that is based on the book, it is unedited but, it’s a little something. If you are interested in this story you can sign up for my newsletter to receive the link

When I talk about Guardian of the Sword, I’m speaking of the chronological first book of the Avantir Chronicles. I have been alluding to this for years but this is the year that I am finally ready to release the beta versions to the world. Beta versions you ask? Yes, I am putting out a version which in my mind is not quite complete. This is because it is a monumental task that I have ahead of me and I would rather have the story out in the world while I tinker and add all of the bells and whistles to it that it will need in order to get it where I want the book to be.
Talk to you all soon!
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An Update


So, while I finished the edits for Stonecaller, I came to the realization, that it is not ready for betareaders yet. I have more editing to do. But I am also a strong believer in letting the manuscript rest. So I am going to do this while I work on other writing projects. What other projects you may ask?

The Search for the Unicorns Sorta-Sequel

I have a lame working title for it called Carla and the Elves (mostly because I was sure there was a manuscript with that name on it somewhere that my dad had written). But I have outlined it and will now be working on fleshing it out into a first draft this month. But can it really be called a sequel when it deals with events that happen before the end of The Search for the Unicorns?


I am still chugging away at this project. Picking away at the OCR translation/butchering as I go. This one is a long project but I am still passionate about it because not only was it important to my father, but it was a story that I was told as I grew up, so it’s important to me as well. I’ll be talking more about this as I finish the OCR revisions.

Talisman of the Winds: A Live Reading

This is the beginning of my reading series.

When we were in lockdown last year, I got really stressed out and I was trying to figure out a way to cope. For some reason, this was my way. Printing off manuscripts and reading them out loud on Twitch, then later on posting the video to Youtube.
This is the first story before it had been edited, Talisman of the Winds.