Nanowrimo – The Last Day

It’s the last day of Nanowrimo. My goal for today? To finish up as much research as possible and complete the outline for the story.

I’m not really much of an outline kind of person. Except when I am working on someone else’s idea or else on a very complicated story. This is both. There are a number of different plots going on that I need to identify and outline and characters that I need to flesh out. They are all up in my brain, I just need to get them down on paper now.

I’m a little concerned that I am getting sidetracked by the research. This is why I’m giving myself tonight and tonight only to finish everything up. Write down all of the information that I need tonight and return the books to the libraries tomorrow.

I find that if I try to organise myself  too much that I get to focussed on the methods of organisation and forget to get the work done. Sometimes it’s better just to launch yourself headlong into something just so that it gets done.

One thought on “Nanowrimo – The Last Day”

  1. Think it’s called the paralysis of analysis. I too suffer from that. When you add in absentmindedness you’ve got yourself a real humdinger of a problem!

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