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Rosetta Man Book and Music Party!

Last night was a rousing time of good music and good people!


We were enthralled with various jigs. Claire displayed her multiple talents of playing both the recorder and saxophone (although not at the same time, mind you) while I busily clanged away on the triangle.


The stars of the party!


Rosetta Man and Railroad Rising, a match made in heaven!

The display table shared space with all sorts of yummy goodies that everyone brought, with Claire’s fantastic nachos providing the perfect main course between music.


Our host, the lovely Claire McCague and myself, Beth Wagner!

2015-12-06 19.42.53

Thanks for a wonderful time Claire!

Once again, check out Railroad Rising and Rosetta Man available on Amazon!!

Rosetta Man is now also available on Kobo!


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  1. Lila Wagner

    JPW had a great love for multiple languages and was fascinated by the Rosetta stone!

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