Nanowrimo Day 3

This will work out much better if I just keep updating the morning after. So everyone will receive my Nanowrimo updates the following morning. In this case, I unfortunately don’t have anything to update as I didn’t work on the novel yesterday.

Please be aware that, in addition to writing, I have other projects that I have to balance my time with. I’m still working on achieving that balance so bear with me. So when I say that I didn’t work on the novel, I was working on other projects which had a more immediate deadline.

Nanowrimo – Day 2

Sorry about the late post!

(Yes, this means that there will be at least two posts today)

Day 2 was not as productive as I would have liked it to be, aka I did not hit my work count.

A good part of that was because I was enjoying an online Facebook Launch Party put on by Edge Publications for fellow authour Jack Castle which introduced his latest book Bedlam Lost. We had a great time and I highly recommend attending these events if you get the chance. It is a unique way to be able to engage with your favourite writers.

In my mind it was time well spent. Speaking of Facebook Launch Parties…. Join myself and Edge Publications tomorrow night for Railroad Risings’ own launch party! Invite your friends too!

Nanowrimo – Day 1

So it’s that time of year again. Nanowrimo. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, during the month of November the challenge is to write 50,000 words within that month with the intent of having the first draft of a novel completed.

My reason for accepting the challenge is two-fold. One, I have no idea what my writing speed is, so I’d like to know how much I can write if I push myself. Two, I have a novel that I would like to get off to Edge Publications, the sequel to Railroad Rising to be precise. Each day I will give a quick update on my progress.

Wish me the best!

Upcoming Cool Stuff!

By the end of the weekend there will be an Amazon page for JP Wagner along with his biography, so keep watching this site for this and other exciting upcoming announcements!

Waiting, Poised to Pounce

I’m currently waiting for the editor to get back to me with revisions and changes for the books. This is nothing like editing comics. The turnarounds are much different. Instead of working at a breakneck pace against a last minute deadline, it’s much more laidback and relaxed. (On my end at least, I know that the publisher is juggling a lot of books and releases and what-not.) I was told that I could most certainly review the edits for the book but that a lot of it could change because my Dad was waiting for her revisions first. And so, like my father I wait. Poised to pounce on the revisions and make notes at the drop of a hat.

In the meantime, I do things like work on my own projects and also work on some promotional items for the book.

Endings and Beginnings

So before my father’s death, he was in the process of working with a publisher to get his latest novel published. They were in the middle of editing. Now that he is gone, it’s up to me to make sure that the editing process is complete and that the novel gets published. This is the biggest hurdle. Getting the first novel published. As a writer, once your first novel is published it is both easier and harder to get more published. With your first book being published, you have proven that your work is worthy of publication and theoretically, it should be easier to get the next book published. That is unless more is expected of you.

As a child inheriting her father’s work all I know is that I can look at his work and possibly improve what I can so that it can be published. I am of the belief that you can fix most stories and make them publishable, even if it comes down to rewriting the story from the ground up.


Please note: because this is a journal/ process blog there may be half finished entries like this one. Because you, the audience, get to have the thoughts and feelings as they happen in an effort to keep this blog realistic. AKA: they aren’t all gems.

Introductions, Explanations and Excuses

Hello, my name is Beth Wagner.

I am an artist and comic creator. My father, JP Wagner, was a writer. He had been writing all of his life and aside from having various articles publishing in various newspapers, he wrote many novels. The unfortunate thing about the novels is that none of them were published in his lifetime. The last words he spoke to me was to have me promise to protect his books and to represent him and his works.

This website is the work log which is dedicated to just that. Representing my father’s works and writing. You could call it a tribute page but really, this website will be a process blog as I edit his work and talk about the books that I am editing and getting ready for publication. There may also be some anecdotes as well depending on how everything evolves.