Reading Break

I made a rookie mistake and only bought the first book in the series figuring that even though the bookstore didn’t have the second part of the series, it would be a while before I would need the second book.

Besides, I could pick it up cheaply on Amazon right?

Nope! After shipping, the cheapest copy of the second book would cost me $12, I may as well buy it new in store for that cost.

This weekend I resigned myself to another used book hunt through the lower mainland.

As you can see, I found the rest of the series at a lovely place called Renaissance Books in New Westminster. It’s a lovely shop with friendly, helpful staff, who really cater to their customers!

I’m now off to relax and read.

Talk to you later!

One thought on “Reading Break”

  1. Hope you enjoyed the series. As I remember, JPW had no use for Eddings. He never told me why, but then Jim wasn’t an articulate literary critic. You don’t take a rose apart to enjoy its fragrance and colour. (That last is a semi-quote from early JPW)

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