Trying to Find My Way

Most people would take that title to mean that I am a lost soul. Perhaps I am.

But more immediately, I am trying to get an idea of the world that The Search for the Unicorns is set in. I wanted to be able to describe a bit more of the world in the book to help the readers.

The first thing I have to do is to see if he created a map of this world or if I need to create my own. I know that he kept everything in the story fairly vague which is nice because it allows the reader to imagine themselves in the story more. However, I want to add a little description. Just a little. I also want to know where the characters are going. Are they in a forest? Are they in the mountains? Where are they?!

A quick search tells me that he didn’t create a map for this world. What does that mean for me? It means that I am going to take tonight to create a vague map of the world. I am not a cartographer and my sense of direct is terrible. Here goes nothing

2 thoughts on “Trying to Find My Way”

  1. Hope it went well, Beth. JPW did not have a great sense of direction. I suspect that his poor eyesight (the man was close to legally blind) hindered his ability.

  2. Well I did see some maps that he had made so I first wanted to see if he had created any for this world.
    He hadn’t done so.
    I then started to work on map but then realised that I would need to study the novel intensely to get an idea of the world in order to put it down into a map. So I’m putting off this project for a moment while I finish working on the book.

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