What the Heck am I Doing?

Hi everyone! I just figured a quick update was in order.

On Wednesday I just finished reading another manuscript. This one was called the Sword and the Rose. It may be a stand alone novel. But it’s definitely another fantasy novel. I know that most people don’t use Twitch but I will be editing the video and uploading it to YouTube and it will come out after I finish up the Talisman of the Winds video series.

Speaking of Talisman of the Winds, I’m going to be going over the next rounds of edits beginning next week, and then I’ll be releasing it to Beta Readers. I know that some of you have already expressed an interest and I will be getting the manuscript to you as soon as I finish these edits. If you haven’t already reached out to me just let me know and I’ll arrange to get you a copy.

But wait, there’s more! While I was digging around, I found what I believe is the sequel to Talisman of the Winds, at the very least the stories are connected. Then I found another story (although I think it is a short story) that may or may not be connected, which I will likely be reading next so that I can learn more about it. I’ll end up reading both of them, but the first one will be the short story and the second one will be the connected story. Nope I’m not telling you the titles, you’ll find out in a week and a half when I start reading them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “What the Heck am I Doing?

  1. lila1jpw

    Yeah, I think JPW did the equivalent of graphic doodles. I guess they could be called literal doodles maybe?
    He did many versions of things without actually discarding the originals. I did in fact scavenge many MS’s that he called “junk, throw it out.” That includes the infamous trilogy about the Guardian of the Sword, or Asbalnian Tales or Chronicles of Avantir–what would you call that trilogy?

    1. high-muckity-muck

      Those are valuable because that way I can see what direction he wanted to go by what he was discarding. As long as I know these were rejects.

      1. lila1jpw

        I think that some of his so-called rejects were more valuable than later work. I suspect that, towards the end of his life, some of his writing was not as good as some of his peak writing. Just my opinion.

        1. high-muckity-muck

          That makes sense. I think he still had some good ideas, so I’ll work on creating what I can from the ideas themselves.

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