An Update


So, while I finished the edits for Stonecaller, I came to the realization, that it is not ready for betareaders yet. I have more editing to do. But I am also a strong believer in letting the manuscript rest. So I am going to do this while I work on other writing projects. What other projects you may ask?

The Search for the Unicorns Sorta-Sequel

I have a lame working title for it called Carla and the Elves (mostly because I was sure there was a manuscript with that name on it somewhere that my dad had written). But I have outlined it and will now be working on fleshing it out into a first draft this month. But can it really be called a sequel when it deals with events that happen before the end of The Search for the Unicorns?


I am still chugging away at this project. Picking away at the OCR translation/butchering as I go. This one is a long project but I am still passionate about it because not only was it important to my father, but it was a story that I was told as I grew up, so it’s important to me as well. I’ll be talking more about this as I finish the OCR revisions.

3 thoughts on “An Update

  1. LilaJean

    Nah it’s not a sequel to Search; it’s a prequel I’d guess.
    Chronicles of Avantir and indeed the whole trilogy is close to my heart ’cause it’s what JPW courted me with. In the weeks before he died he tried to persuade me to trash the whole trilogy ’cause it was just garbage (his term for it)
    Stonecaller was one of his earlier works.
    He was most proud of WLW – Warleader and His Wife.

    1. high-muckity-muck

      I always think of The Search for the Unicorns as part of the world of Avantir even though nothing is overtly connected.

    2. bethwagner

      I also need to reply again about Avantir, that really hurts my heart. I love that story. There are somethings I will edit slightly. But that story…I’m glad that you didn’t listen to him.

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