Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2022.
I am planning on ramping up the printing of my Dad’s novels as I get more comfortable with the editing process. I don’t want to list all of the books as I have to see which ones will be ready first, but I can say that I will be starting off with a book that is especially close to my heart, Guardian of the Sword. For those who are subscribed to my newsletter, there is a link to download a short story called the Crystal Crown that is based on the book, it is unedited but, it’s a little something. If you are interested in this story you can sign up for my newsletter to receive the link

When I talk about Guardian of the Sword, I’m speaking of the chronological first book of the Avantir Chronicles. I have been alluding to this for years but this is the year that I am finally ready to release the beta versions to the world. Beta versions you ask? Yes, I am putting out a version which in my mind is not quite complete. This is because it is a monumental task that I have ahead of me and I would rather have the story out in the world while I tinker and add all of the bells and whistles to it that it will need in order to get it where I want the book to be.
Talk to you all soon!
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    Hoping this venture goes well, Beth

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